Lands Of Concert

Lands of concerts is a living practice of three collaborating artists: Jija Sohn, Andrea Zavala Folache and Lucy Wilke. They work on a continuous reshaping of body-mind territories, an exploration to break through established personal, cultural, social and theatrical codes and boundaries.


They are searching a nuanced and often vanishing space beyond contradictions and established polarized positions where imagination and creativity can bring a deeper listening through the body.


The work takes place in an environment, where each and every element in space becomes an equal protagonist of the present situation. The practice is expanding through a modus operandi as an interplay of constructing and deconstructing parallel realities, playgrounds and behavioural relations. It is an effective attempt to elevate each and every action beyond it’s formal boundaries and invite the public to be part of this utopian space, where movements, words, thoughts and objects can exchange roles, relationships and agencies, to change the immediate present we are in.



Relevance of the project; CARE as vehicle of the practice

Collaborative body work in dialogue with a variety of audiences is key to this project in which, the different needs of different bodies become the common denominator of the work. It will bring new understanding and have an intimate and socializing effect to people from different backgrounds, amidst digital developments, that increasingly alienate us from (the wisdom of) our bodies. An open communication string, relying on understanding the common in the differences, and acknowledging the diversity of our self's, individuals and communities.


Organisation and preparation

As a result of the EU-project Performing Gender Jija Sohn has a long term artistic exchange with Teja Reba and Viktorien van Hulst, respectively directors of City of Women Ljubljana and Festival Boulevard Den Bosch. As a research phase in 2019,’Lands of Concerts’ work in progress were programmed at Theaterfestival Boulevard Den Bosch (NL) - Aug 2019, City of Women Ljubljana (SL) - Oct 2019 - and Festival Cuerpa Madrid (SP) - Dec 2019. All three festivals have a demonstrable commitment for inclusiveness. The complications associated with Lucy Wilke's physical disability are anticipated.


In 2020, as a production phase, the team will work in different one week residencies at BUDA (BE) in March, Brakke Grond (NL) in May and Vooruit (BE) in June. The production is working on organising a three weeks residency in Munich, the home of Lucy, to facilitate an intensive work period between her, Jija and Andrea without interruption. The work is programmed for the 2020 Theaterfestival Boulevard Den Bosch (NL), as a final outcome.


The organisation of the project is financially, productionally and from marketing perspective supported by DansBrabant, a strong supporter of dance artists in the south of the Netherlands in collaboration with the creative production and research platform arp:works / Julia Reist (BE).


Photos by Jean Philipse
Photos by Jean Philipse