Lands Of Concert


A living performative practice created by Jija Sohn, Andrea Zavala, 

Lucy Wilke and Oneka von Schrader


The attitude with which we used to work before this project started was to devote everything to an artistic outcome while unconsciously ignoring other aspects of our life and its ordinary, supportive dimension.  

That mindset created a great sense of disconnection and neglect. If we were to continue working as artists, human beings we had to come together and search for more sustainable ways to be, to create, to collaborate and to share our perspective with others - in abundance.


Our intention is to welcome a new sustainable system, one that focuses primarily on a notion of Care, meaning - being present for what one needs and to listen to the needs and perspectives of others. 


We are committing ourselves to creating a context which allows us to celebrate the creative process in a playful and caring manner. Such an environment integrates the wholeness of how we are - in our daily lives, at work, in relationships, in a community. The practice expands further as we strive to include others into that immersive process - the cultural institutions, programmers and audiences from other countries and cultures.


How do we work?      

The essence of our practice lies in simple gestures of giving and receiving. That is the main context – a creative playground. Whatever unfolds is a manifestation and a consequence of the attitude:

‘I can do anything’, ‘everything is at my disposal.’ 

We strive to discover a ‘wild’ range of possibilities, embracing potentials for an ordinary gesture to

transform itself into creative, artistic expression, to become another reality.


We have invented tools that helps us in that process:


Extensions -consciously using your presence - your body as an extension to make something happening.

Instructing -our roles are in a ‘fluid’ state, always shifting, informing each other, giving and receiving from one another. At any time, you can be a follower or initiator. 

Limitations -we work with our limitations, using them - not neglecting them


What we want to offer in the current situation

The Corona pandemic situation guided us even deeper in experiencing our relations and modes of collaboration. During the past year we came up with two modes of performative formats thanks to which we can share the work further and keep on expanding. 


These formats are:

- public sharings - In a performative setting, the public is invited to be part of a landscape of ‘elevated actions’ where movements, sounds and objects are continuously shifting, losing their initial formal and defined boundaries. It is an invitation to an experience of liquid roles and relationships that change the immediate present we are in.

  - internal workshops on giving-receiving practice  - In an afternoon, workshop setting. We dedicate these workshops to a team of programmers, technicians, staff members to underline their presence and to integrate their roles into the wholeness of a creative process. We offer a restful place that serves self-care orientation, where we are all invited to express our needs (even the most basic needs like a wish for a hot drink, sitting in silence, laying down on the floor...) before stepping into further work.



Link to the video clip:




Title: Lands of Concert 

Duration:  60 min 


Concept: Jija Sohn, Andrea Zavala Folache, Lucy Wilke, Oneka van Schrader and Julia Reist

Performer: Andrea Zavala Folache, Lucy Wilke 

Performing Assistant: Jija Sohn & Julia Reist

Sound design and performer: Oneka van Schrader

Scenography and Costumes: Rosemarie Allaert 

Advisor: Sabine Clemenski 

Light Advisor: Vinny Jones


Creative Production, conceptual advisor: Julia Reist / arp:works 


Co-Producers: DansBrabant(NL) , under the support of PLAN, Kunstencentrum  Buda(BE)  and  Vooruit(BE)            

Supported by: Boulevard Theater Festival (NL), i-Portunus, Batard Festival (BE), Need Company (BE) 

Residency: CSC (IT), Tanzhaus (CH), Dansbrabant (NL), Festival Boulevard (NL), Dansatelier (NL), City of  Women(SK),

Need Company (BE)            


This project is initiated by Jija Sohn


CONTACT and Inquiry // +32 499 32 00 99 




Photos by Jean Philipse
Photos by Jean Philipse