Geisha's Miracle (2016)




















Geisha's Miracle (2016)


In Geisha’s Miracle, three Asian performers invite you to experience their universe; shiny and

blue, light and white.


They take you on a journey to a place in between live and death, a place in between a transformative reality and a fountain of imagination.


Geisha’s Miracle is a synesthetic physical experience that reaches out to the perception of the audience.


The surreal visual and musical landscape speaks not only to the ratio but also to the irrational sides of our beings, and asks us to immerse in the absurdity..



Concept, choreografie en uitvoering: Jija Sohn

Co-creatie en uitvoering: Yurie Umamoto en Yui Nakagami

Producent: Dansmakers Amsterdam

Co-producent: Dansgroep Amsterdam

Dramaturgie: Charlot van der Meer

Artistiek advies: Suzy Blok, Katerina Bakatsaki, Kristin de Groot, Heleen Volman

Lichtontwerp: Vinny Jones

Geluidsontwerp: Sne Martin Snider

Kostuumontwerp: Rosemarie Allaert

Productie: Sanne Wichman/ Dansmakers Amsterdam

Publiciteit: Lisette Brouwer/ Dansmakers Amsterdam

Gesteund door: Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Dansgroep Amsterdam





"The miracle of the geisha is that they spectacularly, finally diligently rocking and rapping, its stylized, tradition surrounded role manages to break and still retains its dignity."