Image: Lester Arias


My name is Jija Sohn, I am a Japanese with Korean roots. I obtained a master in Applied Linguistics at Purdue University, USA before deciding to change direction and focus on Performance Art. 


In 2015, I graduated from the School of New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam and I was the first choreographer to be selected for the Moving Forward project.

https://www.dansmakers.nl/news/moving_forward_traject_gaat_naar_jija_sohn fbclid=IwAR0aCYyfm9JFcuBCZVUwPfLMJq7P_nCwFGbJ-m0bKuL1NSFnNoIXKfAu3mE


During this process, I developed the production Geisha’s Miracle (2016), a layered exploration of femininity and play with tradition that embraces the modern age with complete commitment.

In 2017 I was awarded by Young Fund Amsterdam.



In 2017 I was also awarded with the ‘3Package Deal’ (by AFK, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst), which enabled me to work on my slightly autobiographical new piece named Kyabajo.



In 2018 with Kyabajo I explored the condition of estrangement behind a submissive role from the perspective of a Japanese hostess.

In the period of 2017-2019 I am part of the international project named Performing Gender - Dance Makes differences.



Since 2013 I have been collaborating in other people’s projects too, for example in the same year I have worked as a performer in Ivo Dimchev’s X-on, in 2015 for Fernando Belfiore’s DEU$/exM4CHIN4 and in 2018 for Dries Verhoeven’s Guilty Landscapes.


At the moment I work with Dans Brabant, which supports the current project together with performers Andrea Zavala and Lucy Wilke with the fund called PLAN - Talent Development PLAN Brabant